Steam-It™ Massage Lotion


A versatile, full-strength massage lotion for horses formulated to rejuvenate and restore elasticity in fatigued muscles, soothe joint stiffness, increase circulation, and reduce bodily discomfort associated with exercise or inactivity. Increases mobility in cold, unstretched muscles before exercise and refreshes the whole body after. Excels on back, loin, and shoulder muscles in addition to stifles, whorlbones, knees, hocks, and ankles. Penetrates at the site of muscular aches and pains for soothing relief. Treat your horse to a warm, relaxing massage! It’s greaseless, stainless, and gives off a sportive aromatic scent. The best body work and massage lotion for horses available.

Sizes: 16 Oz. // 1 Gallon

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16 oz., 1 gal.


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